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31 Jul, 2015 Global Pregnancy Collaboration (CoLab): Updates (June-July 2015)
The next big event for the Global Pregnancy Collaboration (CoLab) will be the annual meeting, which will take place at Oriel College, Oxford from August 31 to September 3, 2015. Meeting plans are moving forward nicely. The format this year will be similar to that of 2014. We will dedicate a portion of the meeting to CoLab business and plans for the future and the remaining... Read More
31 Jul, 2015 Objective 3: CLIP Trial Updates (June-July 2015)
Graph: Total number of women who have been enrolled in CLIP in Pakistan, India, Nigeria, and Mozambique. From the start of the Pilot phase, CLIP has now recruited 29, 230 women in all four countries! The enrolment graph above indicates that the CLIP Trial has registered 7350 pregnancies in Pakistan, 7800 in India, 10800 in Nigeria. We would like to congratulate Mozambique... Read More
31 Jul, 2015 Objective 1: CAP Study Update (June-July 2015)
Photo caption: Research midwives Eunice Tahuringana (left) and Emilia Makaza (middle ) conducting a dietary assessment with a Calcium study participant in Harare, Zimbabwe. The CAP Study Women with a history of pre-eclampsia in their most recent pregnancy who agree to participate receive calcium 500mg daily or placebo from enrolment until they become pregnant, and... Read More
31 Jul, 2015 Microlife's BP Device and LGT's Portable Pulse Oximeter Featured in the Innovation Countdown 2030 (IC2030) List
Photo caption: A Microlife BP Device being used on a woman. In the latest Innovation Countdown (IC2030) inaugural report that was released by Reimagining Global Health the Microlife BP Device and Portable Pulse Oximeter were featured. Both devices are currently being used by PRE-EMPT’s CLIP (community-level interventions for pre-eclampsia) Trial are featured as one of... Read More
31 Jul, 2015 fullPIERS Calculator in Three Languages
We have integrated our fullPIERS calculator on our fullPIERS page in English, French, and Spanish. The PIERS model was developed and validated in cohort of 2023 women with pre-eclampsia admitted to tertiary perinatal units in Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia. It is intended for use by clinicians as a tool to stratify risk for adverse maternal outcomes within 48hrs of... Read More
26 Jun, 2015 Ms Vivian Ukah, PhD student: CFRI Featured Trainee
Ms. Vivian Ukah, PhD student working with Dr. Peter von Dadelszen in the fullPIERS project, has been featured by the Child and Family Research Institute as a "Featured Trainee". Full profile can be viewed here: ; or can be read below:   Ugochi Vivian Ukah: Helping Pregnant Women Worldwide  ... Read More
8 Jun, 2015 Announcement from the PRE-EMPT Co-ordinating Centre
8 June 2015 I News release from the PRE-EMPT Co-ordinating Centre, Vancouver    We are pleased to announce that Laura Magee and Peter von Dadelszen have been recruited to St. George’s, University of London, U.K., to take up roles as Professor of Maternal Medicine and Professor and Academic Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, respectively.  In addition to... Read More
1 Jun, 2015 Joint ISSHP/ISOM Global Health Committee
The joint International Society of Obstetric Medicine (ISOM) and International Society for the Study of Hypertension in Pregnancy (ISSHP) Global Health Committee was established following the 2014 ISOM/ISSHP meetings in New Orleans, USA,  where it was emphasised that our organisations need a global perspective to address maternal death and disability, the vast majority of... Read More
27 May, 2015 Objective 1: CAP Study (Update from April-May 2015)
Recruitment continues at a steady pace, with 1047 recruited and 404 pregnant by 9 May 2015.  Congratulations to all the sites for maintaining enthusiasm almost 4 years into the trial. Publications update The CAP study group paper:  “The effect of calcium supplementation on blood pressure in non-pregnant women with previous pre-eclampsia: an exploratory,... Read More
27 May, 2015 Objective 2: Monitoring (Update from April-May 2015)
PIERS on the Move tool and the Phone Oximeter  The PIERS on the Move tool and the Phone Oximeter™ continue to receive accolades and recognition from the global and mobile health community. Ms. Sharla Drebit, PRE-EMPT Manager presented our innovative pre-eclampsia monitoring tools at the Grand Challenges Canada's 5th Anniversary Celebration in Toronto, Ontario on... Read More