May 2019 is our recently consolidated abstract booklet! Please find the link to the booklet below.


Knowledge is power, and we believe in the impact of evidence-based policies to improve maternal health. As such, our core mission is to develop, test and promote evidence to improve maternal, fetal and neonatal outcomes, particularly for those who live in the most marginalised communities. While our current focus spans the breadth of pregnancy complications, we have developed and tested evidence to address hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, such as pre-eclampsia, which remains one of the top five causes of maternal and perinatal mortality worldwide. Our best estimate is that pre-eclampsia claims the lives of more than 70,000 women per year and more than 500,000 of their fetuses and newborns; this is equivalent to the loss of 1600 lives per day. In this booklet, we showcase some brief abstracts aimed at preventing, risk assessment, and management of pregnancy complications, and given that maternal (and perinatal) deaths and sequelae result primarily from delays in triage, transport and treatment, we showcase our evidence on testing community-based care. Even though we have published over 186 publications to date, in this booklet, we have selected a few abstracts accepted in conferences, which are either published or in-press in academic journals.


We would like to gratefully acknowledge the following funders: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute, World Health Organization RHR (including funds from USAID), Preeclampsia Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Grand Challenges Canada, and the European Union. In addition to our partners in over 26 countries, we would like to thank the women who have provide us a window into their pregnancy journeys. We dedicate this book to the communities that have enabled us to do this research.