CLIP’s Second Feasibility Supplement Published in BMC Reproductive Health

PRE-EMPT is excited to announce that we have published nine articles in BMC Reproductive Health in a special issue titled ‘Building community-level resilience for the care of women with pre-eclampsia’. This is our second supplement in BMC Reproductive Health that highlights findings from the feasibility research conducted for the Community-Level Interventions for Pre-eclampsia (CLIP) project regarding community health care worker knowledge, perspectives, practices, and management of pre-eclampsia in rural and semi-rural Pakistan, Mozambique, Nigeria, and India.

We thank the authors from all of the CLIP countries for their major contributions and tremendous efforts towards this supplement. All of the publications are available online and are open-source. Click here to access. Please click here to see the accompanying blog post entitled “Community health workers – the unsung heroines” by our qualitative manager Marianne Vidler in BMC Reproductive Health.

The titles of this supplement include: