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29 Jan, 2018 Objective 4: Global Pregnancy Collaboration update (Nov 2017 - Jan 2018)
During the Global Pregnancy Collaboration (CoLab) 2017 annual meeting, we reviewed our 2016 activities, planned how to continue our ongoing activities and—most importantly—established new directions for the upcoming year. Our workshop this year, entitled “Periconceptional and Pregnancy Nutrition: Role in Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes,” stimulated projects for the upcoming year.... Read More
29 Jan, 2018 Objective 1: CAP study update (Nov 2017 - Jan 2018)
The CAP Study Women with a history of pre-eclampsia in their most recent pregnancy who agreed to participate, received calcium 500mg daily or placebo from enrolment until they become pregnant, and up to 20 weeks of pregnancy.  All women received calcium 1500mg daily after 20 weeks as per WHO recommendations. The primary outcome is pre-eclampsia.    CAP... Read More
31 Oct, 2017 Congratulations to Samina on defending her Masters' thesis!
We are delighted to report the successful defence by Ms. Samin Bakhtawar for her thesis "Risk factors for sepsis among postpartum women admitted to tertiary care hospital Karachi, Pakistan: A nested case control study". Samina has earned a MSc in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Aga Khan University for completion of this project, supervised by PRE-EMPT members: Dr. Sana... Read More
31 Oct, 2017 Objective 5: Knowledge Translation (Aug-Oct 2017)
The afternoon of October 5th at the PRE-EMPT Annual Meeting consisted of presentations and a panel discussion on knowledge translation. This included a presentation by Eleni Tsigas, CEO of the Preeclampsia Foundation,who emphasized the need for multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder engagement on a level playing field to optimize dissemination and implementation of new... Read More
31 Oct, 2017 Objective 4: Global Pregnancy Collaboration (update from Aug-Oct 2017)
The CoLab Annual Meeting took place on October 2nd-3rd, 2017, held in conjunction with the wider PRE-EMPT Annual Meeting. The CoLab team introduced a new area of focus for the group, nutrition and its effects on pregnancy. The effects of obesity on pregnancy as an emerging issue in lower income countries were especially explored. Additionally, there has been exciting... Read More
31 Oct, 2017 Objective 3: Gyunity Oral Antihypertensives Trial (Updates from Aug-Oct 2017)
Tom Easterling of University of Washington School of Medicine (UWSM), Hillary Bracken of Gyunity Health Projects and Shuchita Mundle of the Government Medical College Nagpur presented preliminary findings of the GHP Oral Antihypertensive Trial at the PRE-EMPT Annual Meeting. Overall 894 women in Nagpur, India were enrolled. Enrollment for the trial finished on September 25,... Read More
31 Oct, 2017 Objective 3: Community Level Interventions for Pre-eclampsia (CLIP) (Update from Aug-Oct 2017)
The CLIP Trials have all now finished data collection, with the completion of surveillance in Mozambique. We are delighted to share that over 70,000 pregnancies have been enrolled over the life of the Trial. The sheer magnitude of the data is a testament to the tireless efforts of the country teams. We are also grateful to the women and communities who participated in CLIP... Read More
31 Oct, 2017 Objective 2: Monitoring (miniPIERS/POM) (Update from Aug-Oct 2017)
Beth Payne, postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia (UBC), presented preliminary findings of the implementation of the PIERS on the Move (POM) app in community settings at the 2017 PRE-EMPT Annual Meeting. While the miniPIERS model was developed and validated in facility settings, PIERS on the Move (POM) is a mobile health app designed to improve community... Read More
31 Oct, 2017 Objective 1: CAP Study Update (Aug-Oct 2017)
We are happy to report that recruitment and follow-up is now complete for the CAP study. Preliminary results of the Calcium and Pre-eclampsia (CAP) Trial were presented by Justus Hofmeyr alongside other members of the CAP team at the October 2017 PRE-EMPT Annual Meeting. Overall, 2563 women were screened and 1347 enrolled in the study. Of the 1347 women enrolled, 650 became... Read More
31 Oct, 2017 Annual PRE-EMPT Meeting 2017
The Sixth Annual PRE-EMPT Meeting was held in London, United Kingdom from October 2-6th, 2017. It was the largest meeting to date with over 162 delegates attending from all around the world. The meeting was combined with the CoLab and CAP Steering Committee Meetings and updates from all five objectives of PRE-EMPT were shared. It was a very exciting annual meeting as... Read More