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STRIDER Update: May 2017


The STRIDER Canada Coordinating Centre (SCC) and two active recruiting sites in Quebec have all been hard at work in participant screening and recruitment. The STRIDER Canada study is pleased to announce that it has successfully randomised its first active study participant and are confident that this summer will be a strong recruitment period. The iSTAR randomisation platform has been very well received at all of the active sites and will continue to garner awareness as the other sites across Canada become activated. To build upon the already stellar work done in Quebec at the Ste. Justine and Laval study sites, the SCC has provided focused support to Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto in order to work towards the goal of activating 2-3 more sites within the month of June. The entire STRIDER Canada team is confident that following these successful site-training and activation visits, the trial will continue to exceed site level recruitment expectations.

 The STRIDER Canada Coordinating Centre (SCC) will continue to  focus on activating the remaining centres in Canada that are in the midst of obtaining local REB approval and finalizing contract negotiations. Having a STRIDER participant randomised in the trial is only the beginning of this summer recruitment period and the SCC is determined to continue to provide support and resources to all of the study centres in Canada. The awareness and interest surrounding the trial continues to be high and there is an abundance of support from many health care professionals at each respective study site.  2017 will continue to be a banner year for the STRIDER Canada trial as the other Canadian sites continue working with the SCC to make this trial a nationwide success with a global impact.


STRIDER Consortium

STRIDER UK has completed recruitment, 135 participants recruited, and they are in process of data analysis. STRIDER NZAus has also completed recruitment, 122 participants recruited, their last participant is still on intervention. Dutch STRIDER is progressing well and has recruited 110 out of 354 participants so far.