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In a digital world, a handwritten note can go a long way! Reach out to a friend or family member and make their day by taking part in our Postcards for Pre-eclampsia Awareness Campaign.

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What is preeclampsia?

Preeclampsia (pre-e-CLAMP-si-a) is a condition unique to human pregnancy. It is diagnosed by the elevation of the expectant mother’s blood pressure usually after the 20th week of pregnancy. According to guidelines released by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the diagnosis of preeclampsia no longer requires the detection of high levels of protein in the urine (proteinuria). Evidence shows organ problems with the kidneys and liver can occur without signs of protein, and that the amount of protein in the urine does not predict how severely the disease will progress.

World Preeclampsia Day - May 22 2021

This May as National Preeclampsia Awareness Month, the overall theme is "Beyond Pregnancy" with an aim to educate women on long-term risks of preeclampsia and empower them to make lifestyle changes that benefit their long-term health.

The full month will then feature 6 main messages that aim to help women take the next step toward modifiable heart health/overall health risk factors including:

1.      Be active 150 min a week

2.      Aim for a healthy body weight

3.      Live smoke-free

4.      Eat a healthy diet (Watch your salt, fat and sugar intake)

5.      Schedule an annual visit with your primary care provider

6.      Speak to your provider before planning your next pregnancy

Help us spread the word!

Raise awareness for pre-eclampsia by sharing this campaign within your network of family, friends and colleagues. Tag us on Twitter @ubcpreempt and @preeclampsia and use #postcardsforpreeclampsia to spread the word!

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