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Place Alert Labs (PALs) is a research initiative led out of the Surveying and Geomatics department at Midlands State University. PALs’ work is situated within the intersection of geographical information science (GISc) and evidence-based decision making. We utilize geographical intelligence to facilitate targeted decision making. This is achieved through development and use of location-based methods that consider both the spatial (content of space) and the platial (place or context based) geographies as part of constructing geographical influences and how these are useful to inform different decision processes. For our current and previous projects please see the Geoinformation systems page, found here.


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+263542260464 etxn 2382

Research Output


Makanga P. T (Upcoming 2019) Practicing health geography: The African context. To be published as part of Springer’s forthcoming series on ‘Global perspectives on health geography’ (


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