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We believe that solutions to the most complex problems affecting women’s and children’s health cannot be achieved in silos. The interconnectedness of what affects maternal, perinatal, and child health in low resourced settings calls on bold, intersectoral and innovative approaches. In the PRE-EMPT project, we have partnered with various academics, industry, and governments to develop, disseminate and implement evidence.

 In this section, we provide more detail about our partnerships in establishing a global maternal biobank (Colab), establishing a cohort of  over 12,000 pregnant women across East, Western, Southern Africa (PRECISE),  operationalising the national implementation of MgSO4 for neuroprotection into clinical practice in Canada (MAG-CP), and developing the geographical information science (GISc) and evidence-based decision making (Place Alerts Lab).  Our partnership with industry has led us to develop and validate innovative platforms such as Piers On the Move (POM) and the Microlife CRADLE VSA device.