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Objective 4: Global Pregnancy Collaboration update (February to March 2018)

Global Pregnancy Collaboration (CoLab)

Our ongoing activities are progressing well. We are working on a new effort with PATH, which will involve testing a new assay they are developing for a preeclampsia analyte, adipsin. We are collaborating on this proposal, which was funded by the 2017 Saving Lives at Birth. Preparations are underway to have urine samples analyzed from Africa, which are part of the CAP study, and from samples in the biobank of the PREPARE study in Brazil.  We are also exploring the possibility of a nutritional app that will be pertinent to low resource settings.

SRI 2018

CoLab was well represented at the recent Society for Reproductive Investigation meeting. Marcos Diaz, and Jim Roberts attended a morning workshop on collaboration for mid-career investigators with research in low resource settings. Dr. Diaz provided insights from the local setting in Brazil while Dr. Roberts provided an overview. In addition, Tom McElrath, Mark Santillan and Arun Jeyabalan presented insights on establishing cohorts at a noon session addressing strategies for establishing investigative cohorts. Dr. Roberts chaired the session and provided a brief overview of CoLab and its strategy. In addition, Les Myatt presented a poster describing the COLLECT database and announced that it is now available for usage.

COLLECT and CONNECT registry

Considerable effort is being directed at modifications of the COLLECT database and the CONNECT registry. It has become apparent that investigators, and in particular investigators in low resource settings, are much more comfortable with an open source database than a pre-prepared database such as COLLECT. To address this issue, we are working to develop a version of COLLECT incorporated into pre-existing open-source software in wide use it, Redcap and DHIS-2. Similarly, our registry, CONNECT, is being incorporated into the most popular public health database, the open source DHIS-2.

Upcoming CoLab Annual Meeting planning

We have begun to consider topics for the upcoming yearly CoLab group meeting in Oxford. At the moment we are considering the possibility of a workshop on the power,  challenges and approaches to solutions for prospective harmonization of data.