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Objective 2: miniPIERS and fullPIERs Update (February - March 2018)

Dr. Srofenyoh introducing the SPOT study to colleagues at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital during the project launch meeting

In February, Dr. Beth Payne had the opportunity to visit Accra, Ghana for a week with the UMC Utrecht Global Health program. Beth has been collaborating with colleagues from Ghana and the Netherlands to develop the study protocol for “Severe Pre-eclampsia Adverse Outcome (SPOT) score for Triage of women with Pre-eclampsia Remote from Term: Validation and Development of a Risk Prediction Model (SPOT-VAL)” over the past year. The SPOT study has two aims: (1) To externally validate the fullPIERS and miniPIERS models and (2) develop a simple, user friendly, numeric Severe Pre-eclampsia adverse Outcome Triage (SPOT) score to assist clinical decision making in severe pre-eclampsia. This study is led by PI’s Dr. Emmanuel K. Srofenyoh (Director, Ridge Regional Hospital) and Dr. Joyce L. Browne (Julius Centre for Health Sciences and Primary Care, UMC Utrecht) with the support of co-investigators from each active site:

  • Dr Fred Pobee (Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Ridge )
  • Dr Sylvia Deganus (Tema General Hospital)
  • Dr Kwame Adu-Bonsarfo  and Dr. Ali Samba (Korle Bu Teaching Hospital)
  • Dr Hellen Akaba (Lekman Hospital)
  • Dr Tamatey (La General Hospital)

This prospective observational cohort study is now underway in 5 facilities across the greater Accra region. The target sample size of 840 women is expected to be achieved by the end of the year. The dataset has been designed based on the minimal dataset identified by the COLLECT project and the Global Pregnancy Collaboration.

The SPOT study is a very exciting and important development in the PIERS story. It represents one step towards our goal of implementing PIERS worldwide. This study will allow the PIERS model to be updated and converted to the new SPOT score to meet the specific needs of women in Ghana. We are delighted to support this work!