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Objective 2: Health economics update (Feburary-March 2018)

Pilot testing cost data instrument at the Manhiça District Hospital

Health Economics: Mozambique site visit- Asif Khowaja

Asif Khowaja arrived in Maputo on February 18th for a week-long visit at the CISM centre in Manhica. During his visit, he trained 4 data collectors on the qualitative focus groups to explore perspective on the societal costs related to the CLIP interventions. Additionally, two nurses were trained on collecting costs of maternal and newborn health services at various health facilities in Maputo and Ghaza districts.  The pilot testing of cost data instrument at the District Hospital in Manhica helped team make some important additions, which are highly contextual to the African healthcare system. This visit was very useful in sorting-out logistics, staffing needs, and operational plan for economic analysis of the CLIP Mozambique Trial. The visit ended with a seminar on the topic of ‘health economics: implications for resource allocation in healthcare’, which was largely attended by research staff, PIs, and managerial staff at the centre.          

Overall, this visit helped Asif to understand more about the local culture, health system and communities, where the primary data is collected. We are getting more excited as our team is scheduling data collection visits and hope to complete this extensive data collection exercise in about two months (March to April 2018).