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Audit of magnesium sulphate use, and any maternal and neonatal adverse effects, and long-term effectiveness (for CP) will be accomplished through the CPN database and its linkages with CNFUN (Canadian Neonatal Follow-Up Network).


Feedback will be continuously provided by the central MAG-CP team in the form of regular teleconferences, e-mails, annual reports, monthly newsletters, etc. Each type of feedback will be rated by each site with respect to effectiveness on practice change. 

Exploring Barriers & Facilitators

It is important for us to identify and assess factors that may either help to change practice (a ‘facilitator’) or hinder changes in practice (a ‘barrier’) in each centre. These factors may be characteristics of individual care providers, relationships between care providers, or the organizational culture of your hospital. As such, questionnaires are to be filled out by the site KT team as well as five obstetricians and five nurses and anyone else who would be appropriate and help to understand the views at your site about magnesium sulphate for fetal neuroprotection. These questionnaires will be distributed QUARTERLY to measure any changes in mindset.

To complete the survey in an online format, please click here. For a French version of the survey, click here

Follow-Up Questionnaire

For those who have already completed the Barriers & Facilitators' Survey and find that the responses are the same or mostly positive (particularly if your site had a shift in behaviour and currently use or support the use of magnesium sulphate for fetal neuroprotection), we have simplified the form going forward. Now when repeating the exercise, we are requesting that you explore WHY people have adopted MgSO4 for fetal neuroprotection. 

To complete the survey in an online format, please click here