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Introducing the Safe Motherhood app- a free resource for medical professionals worldwide

This month The Global Library of Women’s Medicine has launched a very special aid to support all medical professionals who care for women – the SAFER MOTHERHOOD App. It has been  developed at the request of The World Health Organisation (African Region) and has been extensively tested in various African and Asian countries. Already it has already received some impressively positive reactions from a range of initial users.

Although describing it as an APP makes it sound somewhat ordinary in fact it is unique – it is really a mobile-based programme that is interactive and can be constantly enhanced.

Anyone anywhere can now download this App FREE to their mobile phone or tablet – and always have expert guidance on managing obstetric emergencies instantly available. Key features include:

* A very wide range of short skills videos and clinical animations with voice commentary

* Clear and expert guidance on managing all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth

* Once downloaded these can be instantly accessed anytime, even when no phone connectivity available

* Updates and new resources will be offered regularly


*Unique option allowing midwives and nurses to store patient records securely and to share them with their clinics

To review the APP in full on your laptop and then to download it if you wish just click here