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The Global Library of Women’s Medicine ( provides a vast range of resources for medical professionals on nearly all aspects of women’s health.  These resources are authored by expert contributors, are peer-reviewed and are continuously updated.  David and Paula Bloomer started The Global Library of Women’s Medicine in 2008 with the sole aim of making a contribution to the enhancement of women’s healthcare by ensuring that medical professionals everywhere could have free access to expert and cutting-edge clinical guidance.  It is supported by many of the world leaders in the field, and over 900 experts have generously contributed to it – and continue to do so – without any remuneration. Their contributions are overseen by the Editor-in-Chief, currently Dr. Peter von Dadelszen, and who is supported by a distinguished International Editorial Board. 


The Global Library seeks to cover all aspects of women’s medicine in an appropriate way, but in addition devotes special and extensive coverage to the issues related to Safer Motherhood.  Recognising that this information can be of special value to those in less-resourced countries (where access to up-to-date literature can be very difficult to obtain), it has an ongoing program developing training material specifically for less-resourced locations; it further makes focused efforts to ensure that this material is actually available in such places by using a variety of distribution options-- in addition to the internet.

Anticipated Deliverables

An important current focus is aiming to ensure that the resources offered by The Global Library reach as many as possible who would benefit from them-- even in those places where internet connectivity is currently unavailable, or too slow for practical use.  Plans are now in hand to provide the whole of the material offered on this website on Memory Sticks/Flash Drives so that it can be downloaded directly onto the library computers of hospitals, medical schools and clinics where the internet does not function, thus ensuring that all resources are guaranteed to be accessible. Many resources will also be made available on mobile apps so that they can be downloaded and stored on smart phones and tablets whenever users may find this useful. (n.b., there is NO restriction whatsoever on the re-use of The Global Library’s material for educational purposes). 

At the same time, GLOWM has an active program focused on developing new materials, especially in the field of Safer Motherhood. Currently in production are a further range of tutorials for midwives, and simple animated health messages for Community Health education. Finally, a major review of the 446 chapters in the “Women’s Medicine Section” is also under way, in order to ensure that they are not only up-to-date, but to ensure that all the most important new topics that have developed in recent years are extensively covered.

The FIGO Textbook of Pregnancy Hypertension

The Global Library of Women’s Medicine (GLOWM) has published and released The FIGO Textbook of Pregnancy Hypertension. The aim of the textbook is to offer globally-relevant and robust evidence-based guidance for monitoring, prevention and treatment of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

This open-access publication is aimed to be used by health practitioners and allied health professionals, and includes special recommendations and sample policy statements for low-resource settings. The textbook has been a joint effort of reviewers from fifteen countries and has been led by Laura Magee, with co-ordination support from Sumedha Sharma and Dane De Silva. Along with Laura Magee, William Stones (FIGO Safe Newborn Motherhood Committee), Matthews Mathai (World Health Organization) and Peter von Dadelszen (Principal Investigator, PRE-EMPT) have served as co-editors of the textbook.

The book was made possible with generous support from the Sabrina Foundation, and GLOWM founders David and Paula Bloomer. PRE-EMPT would like to congratulate and thank all of the contributors and reviewers for their efforts towards this publication. We invite feedback for the book, and for it to be widely disseminated. Thank you for your ongoing support.

The online book can be downloaded for free on the GLOWM website here.

The book is also available for purchase on the GLOWM website.

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