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The PRE-EMPT (PREgnancy Evidence, Monitoring, Partnerships and Treatment) initiative is a consortium of leading global maternal health research and impact initiatives aimed at developing, testing and introducing new knowledge that will reduce the unacceptable maternal, perinatal, family, societal, and global impacts of pre-eclampsia, and the other pregnancy complications. Co-ordinated centrally out of Vancouver, Canada, we work closely with the global health community and local maternal health providers in under-resourced communities. Although research is our focus, we are also passionate about translating new knowledge into real-life settings. We strive to make a positive global impact on the health of pregnant women and their babies.


PRE-EMPT (formerly the ‘PRE-eclampsia & Eclampsia Monitoring, Prevention & Treatment’ project) was a grant awarded to Prof Peter von Dadelszen, University of British Columbia, through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ($25.9 million USD) . From November 2010 - June 2019, the PRE-EMPT initiative consisted of five inter-related objectives conducted over a seven year period (Nov 2010 – June 2019).